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I want to do the TTD :) I need to lose 10 pounds first and I SWEAR I am starting today so anytime after that I am ready. I have two dresses I can't wait to trash!


I would LOVE a TTD session!


This sounds like fun! my [email protected]


Oh Jenn! we had it planned last spring and then you and your husband got pneumonia! and then the hundred plus degree days started! but i still want to!

Julie thanks for the comment. I was just looking at your blog and see that you are in Houston. let me know if you are ever in ARizona!!

Brenda Hardt

I would love to do a TTD session, I am actually just starting to look for a photographer for it now. I am looking for a Sedona shoot. I love the red rocks, oak creek canyon and the water there. I would like to do some in and out of the water and am open to various shots and have not problem getting dirty in them.

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