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    April 26, 2008



    I think I'd like to be a beekeeper (if I weren't so afraid of being stung). I love most everything those bees make and they are quite fascinating critters. I've seen a lot more bees around than last year. Hopefully our local bee population is on the upswing. I might look for a bee shirt on etsy as the shirts on the bee website gave me bad 80's flashbacks (but the site itself was rather sweet) ;)


    I want to see a golden carpenter bee! I have a girl by my house--got any extra bamboo?


    And why aren't all gyms powered this way? It's genius!


    haha yeah, Cheryl, the shirts were a little....well yeah lets just say you could find somehting better on etsy!

    some bamboo coming right up JAmie!

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