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    December 24, 2007



    ZooLights Sunday 6pm. See you there.

    Hope you had a good Christmas

    becky e

    Can I see some of those photos? I'd like to put some of them up. I'd liek to blow up the aspen tree one huge, too!


    i love flagstaff. makes me jealous!


    You need to update dear!

    (Of coarse I'm in the same boat as you I guess.)

    Post pics if you have them from your birthday!:)
    Hope it was fabulous!


    Thank you for sharing your photos and comments. Stumbled on it as I was googling images related to Maynard Dixon, as his work is collected by artist Ed Mell.
    Appreciated your poem on Twelfth Night and enjoyed cat pics (see
    (who knew cats were such atrocious spellers?))

    One other comment: on my Mac the color of the font that appears for the headings in the left column of your blog and elsewhere, such as the heading"Post a comment," come out as very pale salmon in color, i.e. very difficult to read.

    But thanks again for a wonderful, artistic and personal site!


    hi all, i doubt you will see these comments. how weird to reply 3 months later, but....hmmm i guess i will.

    hey M, zoo lights was fun. we gotta hang out soon.

    bec, hmm. not sure where they are.

    K, I just posted! Next I will check to seeif you have posted lately.

    April, thanks for the comment. Yes, Flagstaff is so awesome. I wish it was closer. Its about 3 hours from me.

    Fredly, thanks for the comment. I love LOLcats and read it all the time. I'll take into consideration that this blog is hard to read. I have been thinking about changing it for some time, but I kinda like it. a little change would be good though.

    did you find what you needed to about M. Dixon?

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