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    August 16, 2007



    i had to wait out a dust storm today when i was leaving work...i was happy to walk in the rain, but the dust was unwelcome.

    we need to reschedule a trip...maybe even just to miami or something, when it gets cooler. yeah? get a group together and get out of the valley?


    Wait a minute! You did post!! Oh I'm navagating your blog wrong...I'm so confused! >_< lol

    I have a love/ hate relationship with the monsoons.

    I love rain, I don't like the dust getting all over my car, I love how it cools things down and makes the days a little different, I don't like not being able to run without worrying about the weather.

    I don't know if I want them to stop or not. ^_-

    I need to go to bed!


    ps See post on last entry!


    steph, everytime it rains i am convinced that it will be the last rain for months and months to come....i dont know why i am so pessimistic. i wish it would rain everyday. a trip to miami/globe sounds like a wonderful idea

    karen, i need to go to bed too. nighty-night!

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