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    June 27, 2007


    Nicholas Smith

    Yes that would be nice. Perhaps it would be cheese on toast for supper. My mind is wandering and the scenario you described is also how a lot of horror films begin.


    Hey u! I miss you!

    I'm going on a trip back east this week. I'm off for a whole week! ^_^

    Hope you are having a great weekend!


    hey nick and karen, thank you, your comments reminded me that i have a blog. maybe i should post something.....


    LOL! You need to post again soon! Te he! Or else well, perhaps just wait until inspiration comes (not that you have to write anything important ofcoarse)! I just got back from visiting family backeast. My plane landed in to middle of the night. I was so hyped for some reason slept like 2 hours last night and then went running at 5 am, now it has hit me that I am tired. I am going to bed.

    ps Oh one thing...there is a local art exibit I want to see! Tell me what you think. It's by this guy...

    It's at Eye Lounge until the end of August. Does it sounds interesting to you as well? If so, maybe we could go next Friday or something- sounds close to where you work.

    Okay this is a letter lol I should have just emailed huh? lol

    I'm going to bed now ;p

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


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